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Hand-crafted bespoke oak buildings. 

Our frames are all hand-crafted in our workshop and temporarily put together, then taken apart and erected on site to ensure a smooth transition. 


We will work with you to design the ideal, bespoke space to suit your specific needs. Keeping you informed throughout, to ensure that you have full control over the final outcome.


We work along side sub-contractors organised by ourselves to create a hassle free project. Alternatively, we are more than happy to work with contractors provided and trusted by yourselves. What suits you best, works for us.


We are on hand throughout the entire process to answer any questions or queries you may have. Our priority is to ensure that you are happy and comfortable as we progress at all times. 


From small canopy porches to a large glazed entrance hall, a hand-crafted Artisan Oak porch will give an elegant, yet practical transformation to your home.


These versatile structures can take up a number purposes, from the more general storage of vehicles to games rooms, offices spaces and more. They can be designed to house first floor accommodation in accordance to your planning restrictions.


Extending your property should not be seen as just an expense, but more an investment into your home and lifestyle. It could be a fully glazed, two storey extension making the most of your spectacular views or a brick extension housing internal trusses suspended above a brand new open plan living space.

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Naturally designed to withstand the elements! The 'green' reference has no relevance to the colour of the timber, but is directly related to the time in which the timber has been felled (3-18 months old). Green oak frame structures offer the beauty, integrity and versatility to suit any building project, from a contemporary coastal new build to a traditional english cottage set in the hillside. As this wonderful material matures and dries, it becomes harder and stronger as a result, as do the joints. This ageing process gives your building its own unique character, as it develops the desired surface splits and checking in the timber.

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